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We have lived under the thumb of a rigid economy for far too long. Southern New Mexicans deserve better than a representative in Congress who only looks out for campaign donors and special interests. I will bring fresh ideas and fight to keep our communities competitive.


As a father of two and with an educator in the house, I understand the pivotal role education can play in fostering a dynamic economy. School administrators must be empowered to lead their campus and provide their educators with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Teachers and students should not be constrained by top-down policies that only hold them back. In Congress, I will fight for policies that create room for teacher autonomy and flexibility in local school districts.


As a people and as a nation, I firmly believe we will be judged on how we treat our families, our children and our elderly when they are sick and in need. I was taught that we should take care of our own and that starts by ensuring equal access to quality health care regardless of ethnicity, gender, income or beliefs. I will work to defend our communities and our families from policies that contradict this vision.


As a first generation American, I take great pride of my family’s history. I will work tirelessly toward comprehensive reform that keeps our families together. I will work toward a pathway for talented, smart, and hardworking people who are seeking a better life. I will not falter in my fight to protect the ethnic and cultural diversity that makes New Mexico special. I believe that the cost of preserving one’s own culture, our American culture, is not the contempt or disrespect for others.

Environment and Public Lands

New Mexicans have always had deep connections to our enchanted landscape. It is the land that contains and tells the stories of our diverse past. I have spent my professional career working to conserve New Mexico's landscapes, improve the state's recreation economy, and ensure the preservation of New Mexico’s culture and traditions. In Congress, I will continue my work empowering local communities to keep alive the spirit of the West, the dream of wide open spaces in which we can live and play.