Angel Peña Announces Bid for New Mexico Congressional District 2


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Dec. 22, 2017

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Angel Peña Announces Bid for New Mexico Congressional District 2

LAS CRUCES -- Angel Peña, a father to two daughters and a native of the Rio Grande Valley, has announced his bid for New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District.

Peña, a Democrat, lives in Las Cruces and is a proud graduate of New Mexico State University. He has spent his entire professional career working to conserve New Mexico's landscapes, grow the state's recreation economy, and ensure the preservation of New Mexico’s deep-rooted culture and traditions. By forging collaborative partnerships between ranchers, recreationists, sportsmen and women, veterans, New Mexico First Nation communities and Hispanic communities across the state. Through years of hard work, Peña has been able to ensure the conservation of more than a million acres of New Mexico's public lands.

Beyond his professional career in archaeology, land management and conservation, Peña is a middle-class family man and father to two young daughters, who are the catalysts for his desire to represent the families of Congressional District 2.

"My beautiful girls deserve to grow up in a state and a country that lives up to their ambitions, a country that encourages their development and success, a country that will give them the opportunities to reach for the stars," Peña said. "I can no longer sit idly by and hope that a solution will present itself."

"In my vision of Southern New Mexico, we leave no one out and we level the playing field to give every person an opportunity to succeed, and that's what we should fight for everyday," said Peña. "For far too long we've been relying on career politicians and the political elite to make the transformative changes we need in New Mexico. It hasn't happened, and it won't happen until we elect leaders who are a reflection of who we are, who understand the struggles of the everyday New Mexican."

"We're at a critical point in time in which our vote truly has the power to decide our future," said Gabe Vasquez, a Las Cruces City Councilor. "I have the utmost confidence that Angel Peña will be a champion for our district, a fierce and formidable advocate for southern New Mexicans, and will not sit idly by riding the political winds while our families suffer and demand real solutions from Congress. Angel always shows up, and he shows up with strength, integrity, honesty, courage and respect. Those are qualities that I admire. I'm proud to endorse him for his bid for Congress."

"Congressional District 2 is emblematic of New Mexico and of rural communities across the West," said New Mexico State Representative Angelica Rubio, "That's why we need a representative in Congress who brings our communities together in collaborative partnerships that foster unity and productivity, rather than another predictable politician with ideological platitudes that drive our people further apart. Angel Peña has the ability to bring the diverse people of our district together and recognize their strengths, rather than focus on their differences. That type of attitude will move our district forward."

In Congress, Peña will focus on increasing child and family tax credits for New Mexicans, ensuring the long-term stability of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), seeking solutions to affordable childcare for low-income families, rapidly increasing federal investment and incentives in renewable energy transmission, storage, and development, finding the right and responsible solutions to fossil fuel development and methane capture to benefit our schools and hospitals, strengthening ties with the state of Chihuahua to boost New Mexico's export economy and create jobs, and ensuring that veterans have opportunities for meaningful employment, adequate health care, and that they receive the benefits they deserve.

"There are a multitude of issues in our district we must meet head-on in Congress, but the most important for us is poverty," Peña said. "As long as we elect politicians who have to pay back their donors, or elect politicians who are too rigidly constrained by the demands of their party elites, we will continue to spin our wheels. I am the alternative to that, I represent the hard-working people of this district, and I'm asking the residents of District 2 for their vote."

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